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SHARK! (At AquaRio…)

“So, no Aquaman.”
“Zero chance.”
“We should be able to find it.”
“Likely in the same tank. Eh, you might see sharks too.”

One of These Nights in Rio

Rio de Janeiro always stresses me out a bit. I feel bad just mentioning it. It’s okay to bitch about Paris when you’re French, it’s perfectly acceptable to hate Toronto when you’re Canadian, but...

People of São Paulo

São Paulo has a soul—a heart too, I feel it beating. This megapolis that stretches as far as the eye can see isn’t an overwhelming sea of buildings. Paulistas, those who call São Paulo home, make it...

… And Back to São Paulo

It’s only minutes before landing in São Paulo for the second time in nine days that I realized I could barely remember the first three days we spent there when we came from Canada.