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The More the Merrier…?

“Okay, so here is the plan. We will go to the seaside for the long weekend. My brother is coming back from Paris with my uncle and my aunt, this way he gets a free ride. I guess we could take the long-distance bus from Nantes, but I’d rather avoid it because it’s going to be packed on the weekend before Bastille Day. So my dad is going to borrow a car at his parents’ place, apparently there is an old Ford Fiesta nobody uses. For once, the four of us can fit in it—mum, dad, you, Mark and I.”

“I take plane!”

“No Mark, we are not flying to Saint Michel, it’s a forty-minute car trip. Gee, you’re spoiled, buddy. Anyway, my dad will drive us. And stay with us, obviously, he is getting a few days off. He left for his parents’ place this morning, he should be back with the car in Nantes around 2 p.m. officially, so let’s say around 2:30 p.m. Now he can’t park downstairs because of the market so he will wait for us at the very end of the parking lot. My mum is going to pack, I told her to be ready around 1:30 p.m., so she should be done around 2 p.m.”

“So we are going for sure?”

“Well, yeah. I mean, I’d say the chances are 85%. If the car starts, basically, and if my grand-parents remember that my dad is borrowing the car.”


“Can the stroller fit in the car?”

“Can the bags fit?”

“Can the cat fits?”

“Where do we put Mark?”

“Oh cool, the seat belts are working!”

“The radio doesn’t though. Oh wait, it does.”

“Can you open the door? It’s locked.”

“No, it’s just stuck.”


“Okay, so apparently my uncle’s car broke down after they left Paris. They found a rental, they should arrive around 1 a.m.”

“Weren’t they supposed to pick up your grand-parents on the way?”

“Yeah, well, they won’t because there is no way my grand-father will be up when they show up in the middle of the night. I guess they will make the trip to Nantes to pick them up tomorrow.”


“Your aunt called and the car broke down.”

“I know, my brother told me.”


“… He sent an SMS with his cell phone?”

“They will be in Nantes really late, we will take the bus tomorrow.”

“You’re not going to take the bus, it’s stupid! They will come and pick you up on Saturday. Didn’t they told you so?”

“Uh. That’s what they said.”

“Then that’s what they will do.”

“But we can take the bus.”

“You’re not taking the bus, it’s a half-an-hour walk from the station to the house!”

“We’ve done it many times!”

“Yeah, well I walked in a blizzard many times too, doesn’t mean it’s a smart thing to do. Seriously, at 85 years old you should know better.”

“Fine. I’ll get the bus schedule. I just have to walk to the bus station. And it’s hot today.”

“THEY WILL PICK YOU UP! Oh, never mind. Let’s talk tomorrow.”


“I think I missed a turn.”

“The left turn?”

“One of them.”


“Can you grab me the cheese sandwich?”

“Where it is?”

“Wrapped in the bag.”

“This bag?”


“Cat sleeping. Mark touches cat!”

“Ooops, that’s the cat. The other bag, right?”

“It’s funny, I thought the tank was full but in fact, it looks like it’s empty.”

“How many kilometres left?”


“We will make it.”

“Oh yeah.”


“I’m going to go shop.”

“Aren’t we taking the car?”

“Tank is empty.”


“And I’d rather walk anyway. It’s a nice day.”

“So what do we have?”

“Let’s see… expired… expired… nobody eats that… How did we end up with seven boxes of butter cookies?”

“Aunt likes them.”

“She sure seems to like them. I guess she likes deli meat too? There are five packs of salami in the fridge. Oh, and pineapple yogurt. That’s… original.”

“Okay, so we need cheese, yogurts, bread, cookies, veggies for tonight… anyone likes soup?”


“Well, I don’t know what the Super U has here but I’m betting on basic soup—like veggies?”

“Sure. Vanilla or chocolate cream?”



“Make up your mind, I’m not buying two packs.”

“Is everyone back for dinner?”

“If we schedule it around 11 p.m., probably.”


Nine humans from 2.5 years old to 86, two cats and a beach house. The more the merrier… right?

You can find all the pic­ture in the France 2015 set.

Yeah, it doesn't fit
Yeah, it doesn’t fit
Mark ready to go
Mark ready to go
...So am I!
…So am I!
Sandy Feet
Sandy Feet

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