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Trang Islands

Leaving Ko Muk was an unexpected long journey, but certainly one of the most beautiful one I made.

First, we had to go from Hat Sivarai (our side of the island) to Hat Farang, the resort side, from where the boat was leaving. We took a local taxi, a simple motorcycle with a sidecar. How we manage to 1) both fit in the sidecar with two backpacks 2) not get stuck on the dirt road 3) make it to the other side of the island is a real mystery.

Thai are crazy about their motorcycles and it’s the main form of transportation here. There are no “real” taxis, just tuk-tuk (small three-wheeled cart) or motorcycles with a sidecar. Unfortunately, roads (and drivers!) are dangerous in Thailand. In just a few days here, we already saw two accidents, and one happened before our eyes. Some farang (Westerners) seem to think that Thailand is a great place to learn to drive a motorcycle and Thai drive very defensively and usually don’t wear a helmet—a recipe for disaster.

Once on Hat Farang, on the other side of Ko Muk, we sat on the beach with our backpacks and waited for the boat. Because of the sand bar, we had to take a small long-tail boat to get to the bigger boat. Boarding bare feet with a backpack and thigh-deep into the water was an interesting experience!

The boat didn’t head directly to Ko Lanta, our destination—in a way, it was another “chicken boat” which stopped on every island. But we weren’t going to complain. It gave us the chance to explore the Trang Islands and the scenery was gorgeous. Ko Kradang, with shallow pristine water, or Ko Nghai, with the long beach are still hidden gems in Thailand.

You can see the complete set of pictures taken in Thailand on Flickr.

Under the Palm Tree
Long Tail Boat
Ko Muk Village
Hat Sivarai Beach
In The Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk to Hat Farang
Sunset in Ko Muk
Full Moon
Leaving Ko Muk
On The Boat to Ko Lanta
On The Boat to Ko Lanta
Long Tail Boat

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