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Life in Ottawa

Pictures and stories that happened in Ottawa, where I live.

Cryptic graffiti on Laurier, Ottawa, November 2019

Ottawa’s Dark(er) Side

A man was shot and critically injured on “my” gym’s parking lot last Wednesday morning. Organized crime? A former gambling ring boss? Are we talking about Ottawa, Ontario?

Suburbia, Ottawa, June 2019

Crow Attack

I’ve been to San Pedro Sula, dodgy parts of Rio, Salvador and Porto Alegre, I survived shitty border towns but damn, I’m avoiding Crow Street, Suburbia, Ottawa.

Ottawa, April 2019

Against the Clock

These days, the time is the only information I can give straight out because I’m always racing against the clock.

The Fleeting Beauty of Fall

Some years, fall can be like a long French movie where you can almost see each leaf changing colour while having an identity crisis and wondering about the meaning of life.

A Victoria Day Long Weekend in Ottawa

Last Monday, Canada paused to celebrate the birthday of a long dead British monarch—yes, it was Victoria Day. Most people are looking forward to enjoying a long weekend. I’ve always dreaded them.

Gorgeous Fall in Ottawa

We came back right in time for Eastern Canada’s famous gorgeous fall colours! After a few weeks in urban China, where the streets are packed night and day and where you see more animals in your plate...

The Canada Aviation and Space Museum

With about 130 military and civilian aircrafts from around the world covering the entire history of aviation, the Museum apparently offers the finest collection in the country and one of the most...

Playing Tourists in Ottawa

We spent most of the time outdoors and decided to revisit a few of Ottawa’s main landmarks: Parliament Hill; Nepean Point, a hill offering a magnificent panoramic view of Parliament Hill, the Ottawa...

OMG, Ottawa Is Actually a Nice Place!

Well, it’s spring now, and we are rediscovering Ottawa. Dow’s Lake looks wonderful with the Tulips Festival. Parliament Hill and the Byward Market are awesome too—there are plenty of tourists, the...

Flower Power!

Miracles do happen and winter did end (well, I hope so anyway!). Last week, it was hot and sunny and we saw the first tulips in bloom. When we came back over the weekend, Dow’s Lake was packed with...