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Blog contests, memes, interviews, photography hunts, random facts… Let’s connect, share some blogging fun and some little snippets of life.

The 2019 Blog Update

What’s in there for you? Please, allow me to sound like a corporate PowerPoint—faster loading speed, better readability, improved optimization for mobile devices and a new subscription option.

Four Fall Podcasts

Locked Up Abroad, Science Vs, Ear Hustle and Transfer (in French)—four podcasts you should listen to this fall.

Where Did All the Blogs Go?

When I logged back in Feedly, I realized there weren’t that many articles unread, certainly fewer than I had expected considering I follow about 50 personal blogs.


Today, I woke up thinking I had turned 33. A split second later, I pulled the duvet back over my head and closed my eyes to grab a few more minutes of sleep. Turning 33 did not magically make me a...

Another Year of “Merci” and Numbers

As the year draws to a close, “top something of 2015” started to pop up everywhere—top books, top news, top podcasts, top movies, top Tweets, top articles, you name it. It's a year-end tradition.