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South America 2018-2019

Our winter 2019 trip to Brazil, and my own solo trip all the way to Chile.

Friendly, Grungy Montevideo

If Buenos Aires is an old, elegant lady who never steps out without wearing her fancier clothes and applying bright-red lipstick, Montevideo is the grungy little sister with messy hair, a slogan tee...


The guys must have landed by now. I checked my email—yes, Feng replied to my own “landed!” email I sent last night, they made it to Ottawa. Phew.

Shit. I’m alone.

I think I need some coffee.

SHARK! (At AquaRio…)

“So, no Aquaman.”
“Zero chance.”
“We should be able to find it.”
“Likely in the same tank. Eh, you might see sharks too.”

One of These Nights in Rio

Rio de Janeiro always stresses me out a bit. I feel bad just mentioning it. It’s okay to bitch about Paris when you’re French, it’s perfectly acceptable to hate Toronto when you’re Canadian, but...