Late August in Nantes

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Weather? Hot, humid and stormy. Damn. Couldn’t it have been like that three weeks ago, when we were looking for summer temperatures?

City? Mostly in “back to business” mode. The giant “Journey to Nantes” event’s art installations are supposed to be taken down tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing how smoothly it goes, considering quite a few are made with concrete…

Mood? Confused, as it usually is before a transition. It’s time for us to go back to Canada. I don’t have a plan for the weeks and months to come.

We’ll see. I’ll figure it out.

(Wishful thinking…)

Rue du Coudray

Rue du Coudray

Palais de justice, Île de Nantes

Île de Nantes

Protest place du Bouffay

Protest place du Bouffay

Miroir d’eau, square Élisa-Mercœur

Allée Commandant Charcot

Miroir d’eau, square Élisa-Mercœur

Rue de l’Échelle

Rue du Calvaire

Rue Joffre

Cour des 50 otages

Rue de la Fosse

Nantes from the 32nd floor of the Tour de Bretagne

From the 32nd floor of the Tour de Bretagne


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    • Oh, Gosh… I wish I could give you a straightforward answer but I really can’t :-/ Both France and Canada, I guess… that’s on my good days. When I’m depressed, I feel homeless 😆

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