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Ottawa’s Tulips Festival

Yes, it’s this time of the year again: tulips have taken over the city and dozen of tour bus are parked in front of the Parliament and at Dow’s Lake. People are desperate for colors after our long white winters!

Being my usual counterculture self, I actually went to take pictures on a cloudy day, ten days before the festival began. I noticed the flowers bloomed very early this year, plus flower pictures are better taken on cloudy days (clouds act like a natural light filter and colors don’t look as saturated). It got very cold over the weekend: strong wind, subzero temperatures and even “thundersnow” on Saturday night. I wonder what’s left of the poor tulips now…

Every year, it’s a challenge to find new angles. I hate taking the same boring shots. But I must say I’m quite pleased with this year’s pictures. Okay, I stop congratulating myself and let you judge by yourself!

You can see the full set of the pictures taken at the 2010 Tulips Festival here.


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