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Cookies Heaven

“Fifty euro worth of cookies? Are you crazy?” I thought. A pack costs about €1.15 at the supermarket. Fancier cookies are slightly more expensive, but still, we are talking less than €3. And then we...

Sunday Market

On Sundays, all the stores are closed but a couple of bakeries and a bunch of bars (French can't live without a supply of booze). Even though these quiet Sundays are kind of a recurring event and a...

Tim Hortons, Yay or Nay?

If you think about it, Tim Hortons is just another franchised restaurant serving coffee and donuts. Yet, Canadians almost feel it's a patriotic duty to get a double-double at Timmies rather than at...

This is… Nuts

I dash to the kitchen. Quick check here too—sometime she is having her morning cup of coffee here. Nope. All clear. Now I just have to take Mark to the classroom and hopefully, she will be busy

Rice and Cheese

“Eat rice. Eat Cheese”. Typical Mark, bridging French and Chinese cultures. Still a North American kid, though—he won’t sit at the table, he’d rather “watch TV”.

Hunan and Hubei Food

Chinese people eat constantly. As soon as we are done with breakfast, my father-in-law’s family suggest we have lunch. And after we have lunch, why not have a snack? Then it’s time to go for dinner...

It’s Fresh, Colourful and Tasty

In France, I was in charge of grocery shopping. I didn’t mind. Exploring supermarkets, browsing market stalls, (re)discovering products and studying food trends is fun when you are abroad.

French Food in Nantes

Much has been written about French food, from the classic “French women don’t get fat” mystery to haute cuisine drool-worthy cookbooks.

French Pastries Porn

Nantes has several famous and fancy pâtissiers, such as Debotté or Carli. Their shops are fascinating, with elaborated colourful pastries on display. Frankly, I think sticking a spoon into these art...

Curious About Mexican Food?

Forget everything you know about Tex-Mex food—sure, you can always find nachos, burritos and quesadillas in Mexico but this is not what Mexican food is about.

Exploring a Mexican Supermarket

Walmart, Mega, Chedraui… by now, we’ve visited quite a few supermarkets in Mexico, mostly (and officially) to get some supplies for Mark—diapers, wipes, food—but also because I am addicted to their...

French Food: Christmas Delicacies

I started my Sunday by hauling a 4.8 kilo turkey from the market back to my parents' place. We managed to fit the—dead—bird into the tiny fridge. It will be stuffed and cooked for Christmas.

French Treats

France wouldn't be France without its boulangeries and pâtisseries. Bakers are probably the most-loved artisans and everyone love their treats, from simple buttery croissants and pains au chocolat to...

French Drinking Culture

Even though I grew up in France, the drinking culture never cease to amaze me. Okay, maybe "amaze" is the wrong word: it actually scares me more than anything. "La modération" is a foreign word here...