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Niagara Falls, Ontario

On Saturday, after attending the Canada Day celebrations in Ottawa, we headed to Toronto. We dropped off the bags at the hotel and went to Ontario Place, where Soundgarden was kicking off its reunion tour.

The crowd was interesting. A lot of concerts gather people of all ages—Green Day for instance, with fans of the Basket Case era (1994) and a younger crowd from the American Idiot era (2004). But here, our generation dominated. It was clearly a crowd of people who grew up in the 1990s.

I didn’t bother taking my camera considering we were searched at the entrance. Plus, the crowd was a bit rowdy despite smoking copious amounts of marijuana. You could get high just breathing the air.

It was gorgeous on Sunday and we drove to Niagara Falls. It was my fourth visit there (last time was in the middle of the winter) and definitely a busy time of the year for the region.

The contrast between the tacky main strip and the beauty of the falls always amazes me.

The Walk by the Falls
Lone Tree by the Falls
American Falls
View on the US Side
Towards the American Bridge
The Main Strip
Horseshoe Falls
My Little Rabbit Enjoying the View
Feng, Thirsty
House of Horrors
Horseshoe Falls
The Edge
The Edge
Funky Burger King
Vending Machines
Haunted House
The Eagles

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