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Mark in Junior and Senior Kindergarten, 2016-2018.

More Than Just a Story

I work for three more minutes before realizing, like every night, that Mark isn't going to obediently turn the TV off and come upstairs by himself, without parental supervision. I mean, he is...


At four, I considered Mark was old enough to help me mangle a North American classic: cupcakes. The challenge? Two persons, one kitchen, yummy ingredients but abysmal baking skills.

I Asked You a Question… Mark

"Dude, if you were your dad, I'd say you were skillfully changing the subject of the conversation. In fact, you sound like your dad when I'm trying to have a serious and open chat about our...

Wanted: An Education

I almost missed the French éducation nationale. Sure, like millions of students, I regularly protested various education reforms over the years, but at least the ministry’s communication efforts were...