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Why I Have a Pig Around My Neck

Like many immigrant families all over the country, Feng and I blended our respective cultures at home—Chinese, French and Canadian in our case. Do you want to see our Chinese side? Follow me!

The United Nations At Home

Sometimes, when I look at my reflection in the mirror, I’m almost surprised to see that, indeed, I have a big nose and dark eyes that are much too wide to be mistaken for most Asians’ almond-shaped...

I Won’t Boycott The Olympic Games

Something has been bothering me for a while now. Maybe it's the one-sided view of the problem. Maybe it's because I feel we're witch-hunting. Maybe it's because I can't take hypocrisy very well. or...

The Amazing Race

His platform what somewhat unclear but included the "No Child Left Behind Act" ("Rarely is the question asked, is our children learning?", he wondered), no nation building ("I don't think our troops...