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Today We’re Packing to Travel to….

Ottawa, August 2014
Ottawa, August 2014

Mark’s clothes are stacked at the bottom of my backpack, I’m picking jeans and shorts from the closet and I’m organizing my Hello Kitty toiletry bag. I packed this bag a dozen of times before. A place for everything and everything in its place, from the clothes to the shampoo bottle, from the sarong to the sandals, from the first-aid kit to the stuffed animal I always bring for good luck.

Yes, we’re going. Again.

We decided it was time to graduate Mark from “easy international trips” (France, the US, Canada and Mexico) to “hell, let’s take an adventure”. At almost two-years old, he is ready for a five-week long culture shock.

I think.

So, where are we going to?

Well, I’m keeping it secret for now. Just because.

Eh, why don’t we make it a game?

Take a guess at our destination and I’ll draw one winner among the good answers (if several people get it right). The prize will be a souvenir from that country.

Need a few clues?

  • Language won’t be an issue.
  • Souvenirs from this country are pretty neat.
  • The flight will be long… long…

And that’s it, folks!

Next post will be written away from home!

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