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Picture of the Week: Canadian "I Love You"

Noth­ing Says “I Love You” Bet­ter Than A Dildo, Bank Street, Ottawa

The other day, I was shop­ping at Herbs & Spice, a food store on Bank Street. I walked out car­ry­ing heavy bags and in a hurry to go back home, and fell face to face with this sign from the shop next door, Wilde’s: “Noth­ing says ‘I love you’ bet­ter than a dildo”.

I was sort of taken aback for a sec­ond, then it made me gig­gle like a school­girl. Prob­a­bly the blunt­ness of the sign mixed with the expec­ta­tion of corny family-friendly ads for the hol­i­day sea­son. Or my weird French mind—who knows!

I actu­ally went back there on Sat­ur­day to snap the picture—I was relieved the sign was still there!


  1. The com­pany just left a Christ­mas present in my desk. I’m afraid to open it now! ;)

  2. Mummy ? What’s a dildooooo ?” :)

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