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3 Short Answers to 3 Immigration Questions: Opening a Language School in Canada, Immigration Consultants in India and More

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Three read­ers sent me their immi­gra­tion ques­tions lately, and I’m shar­ing them with you.

Usual dis­claimer: please note that I am not an immi­gra­tion spe­cial­ist and that this is my two cents. You should always check with Cit­i­zen­ship & Immigration.

Opening a language school in Canada

From a reader in the UK:

We have been wanting to move to Canada for a long time now but can’t find our way in. My husband is a director in a school for foreign students/business clients, and would love to open his own business in Canada. Do you know if it is possible? We find it hard to know where to start!

Well, there are two sides to your question: 1) how you can (or your husband) qualify to immigrate to Canada, 2) what you can do there.

Language schools are a big business here. Many Quebecers want to study English and many more government employees must study French since we have two official languages. Plus, we have many foreign students who come to study in Canada because it’s a bit cheaper than studying in the US. Vancouver, for instance, is a pretty popular place for foreign students from Asia.

To see if you qualify as a skilled worker, you can check CIC’s website. This is the best place to start. There are several immigration categories… now the key is to qualify.

Where to start and a consultant

I read your articles (1-10), in which you gave very useful information. But the series was written a long time ago—not sure if any changes were made to the immigration process.

I’m looking for best information, so that I can apply ASAP.

Can you please give me some links and suggest any cheap consultant in India?

Your best official source of information is CIC’s website. This is the government’s official website dedicated to immigration programs and travelling to Canada. It has all the latest info you need.

I cannot recommend an India-based immigration consultant because 1) I am in Canada and know nothing about India 2). You do not need a consultant for most cases, you can fill out the paperwork yourself.

Eligibility under the Federal Skilled Worker Program

My spouse and I both want to immigrate to Canada. I have completed a B.E in Chemical and my husband has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management in Retail. He has 5 years’ experience in a top company as a Store Manager.

I saw the new Federal Skilled Worker Program list, announced by the Canadian government. In that list, our occupations are not mentioned. Please guide me what can we do now.

I can’t comment on your specific eligibility as the immigration program changed a lot since I got my permanent residence in 2004. Your best source of information is the official government’s website. Stay tuned with the latest announcements. That said, if your occupation isn’t on the list, there isn’t much you can do.

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