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Mark in daycare, 2014-2016.

Mommy’s Little Secret

I can't afford therapy. Oh, I can already picture the scene... Mark is jumping on a black leather couch, the expensive designer kind, not the latest IKEA model. The shrink, Sigmund, is sitting in a...


How do you guys do it? Seriously? Am I missing something here? I only have one kid and my job isn't even that important—I mean, I'm not saving lives here, just moving commas and deleting quote marks.

This Odd Number

Three is an odd number. Inevitably, alliances are formed, bribes are offered, protests are fomented and plans to overthrow the authority and seize power are made.

Second Shift

When I'm tired, my brain goes on overdrive. Details that shouldn't matter suddenly bother me—why is it so dusty under the couch?

This is… Nuts

I dash to the kitchen. Quick check here too—sometime she is having her morning cup of coffee here. Nope. All clear. Now I just have to take Mark to the classroom and hopefully, she will be busy

“What’s This?”

Mark never stops. I’m thinking of lending him to ESL students—your very own human flashcard! Test your vocabulary and get a tantrum if you don’t reply fast enough! Can be switched to Mandarin or...

Rice and Cheese

“Eat rice. Eat Cheese”. Typical Mark, bridging French and Chinese cultures. Still a North American kid, though—he won’t sit at the table, he’d rather “watch TV”.

Scratch Me If You Can

I noticed the flashing LED light on my phone and I grabbed it absentmindedly. Just another assignment coming through, I thought. But I hadn’t received an email. I had four missed phone calls. And two...