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Picture of the Week – Condo Hate

Downtown Ottawa, November 2013
Downtown Ottawa, November 2013

Condominium” (or “condo”) is just a fancy word for “modern apartment buildings” on this side of the Atlantic. And they are usually marketed with buzzwords such as “Modern living!” “Amazing layout!” “Hotel inspired!” “Luxury units!” “Granit countertops!”

In recent years, the condominium industry has been booming in Canada, with dozens of new towers being erected each year. Toronto is the centre of this boom and Ottawa is apparently catching up—there is quite a few new buildings downtown in various stages of development.

It’s all about the location, I guess. Some folks want to be close to work (most federal government buildings are in downtown Ottawa) and avoid commuting from Kanata, Barrhaven or Orleans, popular far-away suburbs where real estate used to be cheaper.

Condo lots, empty or in development, can be controversial. The influx of new buildings in the downtown area, market area and Sandy Hill worries or angers some residents.

That, or a political activist wanted to just… say something.

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