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Fall Rhapsody

I finally got the chance to take—almost—perfect fall pictures!

The weather was better this week and the light was perfect. We first drove to Hampton Park in Westboro, close to Island Park Drive and its huge mansions. There was a nice mix of trees and leaves of different colors, green, yellow, orange… I even spotted two teddy bear buried under piles of fallen leaves. I felt like a CSI agent when I took pictures of the “bodies”!

Then we went to Vincent Massey Park, located by the Ottawa River. This park is often used for various summer fests such as the Greek Fest and boasts an amazing number of picnic tables. The trees were still green but the ground was covered in a thick blanket of orange leaves. I loved the contrast.

You can see the whole Ottawa Fall set here.

Standing Tall
... And Long
Orange Leaf
Teddy Bear, Left Behind in the Leaves
Blinded by the Sun
Hanging by a Thread
Orange Leaf
Red Tree
Yellow Tree
Twisted Trunk
Fallen Leaves
Orange and Green
Fall in Ottawa
Fallen Leaves in the Ground

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