Fall Rhapsody

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I finally got the chance to take—almost—perfect fall pictures!

The weather was better this week and the light was perfect. We first drove to Hampton Park in Westboro, close to Island Park Drive and its huge mansions. There was a nice mix of trees and leaves of different colors, green, yellow, orange… I even spotted two teddy bear buried under piles of fallen leaves. I felt like a CSI agent when I took pictures of the “bodies”!

Then we went to Vincent Massey Park, located by the Ottawa River. This park is often used for various summer fests such as the Greek Fest and boasts an amazing number of picnic tables. The trees were still green but the ground was covered in a thick blanket of orange leaves. I loved the contrast.

You can see the whole Ottawa Fall set here.

Standing Tall

... And Long

Orange Leaf

Teddy Bear, Left Behind in the Leaves

Blinded by the Sun

Hanging by a Thread

Orange Leaf

Red Tree

Yellow Tree

Twisted Trunk

Fallen Leaves

Orange and Green

Fall in Ottawa

Fallen Leaves in the Ground


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. Wonderful photos, as always!
    I saw some nice sunset ones on your flicker set as well. I wish each time I saw some wonderful sunset I weren’t on a road where I can’t stop. I missed an amazing red sun the other day. I was raging!

  2. They are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I can be there to witness these too. No wonder Canada is a maple country! How funny the CSI vs teddy bears :):)

  3. Love all of the autumn colors! Definitely hoping next year we will visit during that time! I bet there is so much to see all around you though! I’d be out every weekend if I had the energy for it. 🙂

    I just haven’t been up to go out and do more photography… When I get a chance, it will rain more than likely.. And I still have tons of photos to process…

    Aren’t you doing the gift swap too?

  4. Salut Zhu,
    I could just say ” Aaaaaahhhhhhh” over and over as I look through these pictures. Gorgeous.
    There is no contest with what I see around me today in my French burbs.

    Iam always happy to be back to see you here 😉

  5. Bonjour, Zhu Zhu! 🙂

    You said you nearly took perfect pictures: I’d say they are perfectly gorgeous (they are indeed).
    The teddy was not left there, under the leaves, the teddy is catching a sun tan LOL ;). The last one this year lol….

    I love the Fall and its colours…but mainly chestnuts Mmmmmm.


  6. The orange and green one is amazing – how odd that the leaves on the trees in that spot are all green while the ground is covered with red & oranges ones. From a different tree not in the picture, I suppose. The effect it makes is like stripes – very cool. I like the ‘blinded by the sun’ one too. I tried to take one like that this week but the foreground was all dark so you couldn’t see the colours of the leaves – I guess the exposure was too short. I must really learn how to use the camera I already have rather than dreaming about a better one. I bet I could control that if I were to just read the instructions….
    I took lots and lots of fall pictures last week, including some cute ones with a cat in front of some Halloween decorations. Alexandra, with her French perspective, says we seem to make as big a deal about Halloween as we do about Xmas, here. And honestly, she’s not really wrong!

  7. Autumn is one of my favourite seasons!
    Beautiful pictures!
    All they are maple trees?
    Here in London parks, the gardeners actually sweep away those fallen leaves instead of letting them rot away naturally!!?

    >Both English and French sure have a lot of castles!
    Sure thing. Besides, I heard both nations also have quite a lot of strikes. 😉

  8. Ah, good thing you got the chance to take these photos! The weather forecast has said that this year’s fall colors would be bad, because of the weird weather patterns that we have seen this year. So far, your pictures say that that assumption is false.

  9. @Em – I always miss the sunsets when I’m home because they are usually blocked by other houses. It drives me nuts, I can see the sky is beautiful but I can’t take the picture!

    @Poem – Yeah, same in France, Fall is a bit blah in Europe.

    @micki – Fall in Eastern Canada is usually a gorgeous season. It’s quite famous, tons of tourists come to see the colorful leaves.

    @expatraveler – Yes, I’m doing the gift swap as well! I’m hoping to get my package ready this WE. Thank you for blogging about it 🙂

    @Bekka – Thank you!

    @shionge – You should visit in the fall next time, you would love it.

    @barbara – I remember that French fall is pretty greyish, not a lot of light and leaves just fall before changing colors. Not my favourite season in Europe but I love it here in Canada!

    @Max Coutinho – Love your teddy bear explanation! I’m hiring you as a CSI agent 😆

    @Margaret – Like I told you by email, I enjoyed both of your albums. Taking pictures directly in the sun is quite tricky, it really all depends on the light. I was lucky!

    @Cynthia – Love the noise too! I just feel like kicking big piles of fallen leaves now 😉

    @Soleil – Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂

    @London Caller – Some are maple trees, others I’m not sure. I never know the names of trees and flowers and admire poeple who do.

    @Priyank – Thank you! Catch your breathe after the marathon 😉

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – I was very lucky and it took a few tries.

  10. Your pictures are so good and colorful. Today we drove back from Tennessee through the hills. It was so hard watching all the beautiful scenery and nowhere to stop the car. I mean not even an area near the road – just two lanes and ditches on both sides with cars following us. We did stop once in someone’s driveway… just for a minute.

  11. Though the colors of fall are very lively in themselves, no doubt, you are a good photographer as well. And hence the amazing range of photos.
    I have been reading your series on photography tips and they are quite helpful to beginners.

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