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Winterlude 2011

We came back to Canada just in time to take a peek at the 2011 edition of the Winterlude, our yearly winter festival. This was Winterlude’s last week-end and even though some ice sculptures partially melted because of a warmer weather spell last week, the crowd was here.

It was around – 10°C and we had to dress warm just to be able to stand outside for a while. My poor camera had quite a temperature shock after being dragged around in warmer countries—I thought it would freeze! And let me tell you that taking pictures when it’s that cold isn’t easy: either you take off the gloves and risk frostbites, either you keep the mittens on and feel like a monkey trying to press on the right button.

We hung out at Confederation Park for a little while, and then went for a walk on the Canal. People in Ottawa take pride in their ability to withstand the blistering cold winters and it amused me to see people eating poutine, hot-dogs and beavertails on the picnic tables outside.

As usual, I ended up with melted maple toffee all over my fingers but it was good fun.

Hockey Player
Year of the Rabbit
The Snowman
Peering Into The Fish Bowl
Canadians, Eating Outside by -10C
Snow Angel
Sir, Yes, Sir!
Er... Duh!
Carving Wood
Warming Up
Maple Toffee
Making Maple Toffee
Yes, I'm Cold
Learning to Skate
Give Me Your Hand

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