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After The Rain

Octo­ber brought much cooler tem­per­a­tures and trees are fad­ing from vibrant lush colours into rust and cop­per tones.

We had a few foggy “blah days” with con­stant driz­zle. This kind of weather always reminds me of Fall in France—I grew up in Brit­tany, aka rainy country.

The thing with driz­zle is that you don’t think you need an umbrella because it doesn’t rain that much—that is, until it’s too late and you real­ize that after stand­ing at the bus stop for twenty min­utes, you’re actu­ally wet. Not to men­tion that the bot­tom of my pants always gets soaked because I should either hem them or wear high heels and I’m hope­less on both counts.

The other day was one of these days. I was soaked by the time I got home. I ditched my bag on the floor and grabbed the cam­era with my favourite prime lens for a quick photo shoot—I wasn’t going to get any wetter.

I wanted to cap­ture these lit­tle drops of water stub­bornly hang­ing on leaves. Amaz­ing what you can find just a two-minute walk from home… and when you actu­ally pay atten­tion to the world around you. I spot­ted the spi­der webs towards the end of my walk and they made my day.

You can see the com­plete Ottawa Fall set here.

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After The Rain

Wet Leaf

One Drop, One Leaf

Red Leaf on Tarmac

Going, Gone

Pur­ple Fruits and Water

Red Leaf and Water

Three Drops

Drops in Spi­der Web

Hang In There

Young Leaf

One Drop of Water

Build­ing Reflection

Spi­der Web

Spi­der Web

Spi­der Web

Spi­der Web

Wet Stem

Spi­der Web


  1. Your tech­nique and skill, and the magic of prime lens. Super!

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