Picture of the Week: 42ºC

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Hottest Day Ever! (But great for laundry)

42ºC. Holy crap.

Disclaimer: I didn’t take that picture (I was in my air-con cubicle sipping a cold can of soda), Feng snapped it this afternoon.

A few weeks ago, I explained that summers in Canada were typically hot and humid and that it was often above 30ºC. Well, it’s rare when it’s above 40ºC but it does happen. A heat warning was issued on Tuesday and yesterday, it actually felt like 47ºC with the humidex.

This translates as an oppressive wave of heat. It was actually hard to breath outside and it’s over 28ºC at home, even with the air-con on. We have a  severe thunderstorm watch in effect—it should be interesting. Weather is never boring in Canada!


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  1. You cannot imagine what it was to open my place yesterday! It took the AC the whole day to make the place reach a decent temperature!

    And look at the guy in the lower left corner of your pic! He’s melting in horror!!

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