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Canadian Life

Anything related to my new life under the snow. From bitching about the weather to hockey games and the Stanley Cup, from culture shock to shocking culture, from old Europe to the New Continent, whatever is on my newcomer’s mind!

The Big Argument

I chose to live several thousands of kilometres from where I was born but I never meant to hurt anyone. I paid the price for my decisions.

Why Do You Live Where You Live?

“It’s temporary, anyway” was our private joke for a long time. We never really settled down the way many couples do because we had zero interest in doing so.

The Lonely Neighbour

“Please, don’t call the police!”

This is the first thing she ever said to me when, one evening, I passed her on the pathway leading up to Madison Park, one of the neighbourhood’s playgrounds.

Snow Quiet

We deal with snow much like parents deal with a 12-month old eating spaghetti and tomato sauce by himself—amazed by the fact something mundane can create such a giant mess.