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It’s been a long weekend. Yes, still tired, still sick, the weather was weird—hot and pouring rain on Saturday, grey and much cooler on Sunday—and we didn’t get much of a break with Mark. In this case, I go into “survival mode”, also known as “damage control”. Basically, as long as we make it through without too much drama and without too many cookie crumbs on the couch (how many times do I have to repeat that sticky jam-based cereal bars must be eaten outside?!), I’m okay. Okay-ish.

On Sunday, Mark and I were assembling a jigsaw my mum sent us. Mark is still a bit young for these and he was getting frustrated. So I decided to number the pieces since he loves numbers. After two pieces, he asked to write the numbers by himself so I let him hold the pen. Then he asked for numbers on his hand, so I numbered his fingers.

Then I went off script and drew a backhoe on his palm with a sun, and another one on the other hand.

Mommy doing something silly. Shocking. (If only he knew…)

Then I remembered that I was using a Sharpie pen, the semi-permanent kind (relax, it washes off just fine).

Oh well.

“No, no picture, mommy!” Mark said. “Daddy! Daddy come see!”

Little brat. Told me off to his dad.

Do you think tattoo artist for toddlers could be a new part-time gig?

Numbering jigsaw pieces

Numbering jigsaw pieces





Bad mothering in action

Bad mothering in action

It washes off, right?

It washes off, right?


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  1. I remember when I bought the kids in my class some scented felt tips and the children were colouring so nicely with them – giggling like mad though. I was dealing with a behaviour incident and when I went back to check on them they had all coloured their faces in different colours. Of course, that was also then the moment Mothers and Fathers came to pick them up :/

    • 😆 I can imagine the look on the parents’ faces! Meh. I don’t mind this kind of “mess”. It washes off easily.

  2. Haha busted !!!

    I have never seen those jigsaw puzzles. I always liked the toys and activities games my dad bought me in Paris as a kid. Hmmmm memories…

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