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April & Six Months… in Numbers!

24 Weeks and 5 Days
24 Weeks and 5 Days

Can you believe I have been a mother for six months now? I am past the “probationary period”—and I haven’t been fired yet!

Mark is turning six months old on April 12, 2013, and he is not a newborn anymore—he graduated to the “baby” stage. And bébé Mark learned a lot of new skills this month!

First, on March 25 (yes, I am writing the date so that I will remember it… this is the kind of things mommies do, right?) he learned to roll from his back onto his tummy. I put him on a mat on the floor a lot, with a few toys to keep him busy. One evening, I turned around and… he was on his tummy. I had no idea how he did it so I put him back on his back, waited patiently for about ten minutes, and after a lot of grunting I saw the magic.

Mark is so happy with this new skill that he rolls all the time, which makes bath time and changing him a real wrestling match!

He is also desperately trying to crawl and gets really annoyed because he hasn’t figured it out yet. There is nothing more frustrating that trying to chase a toy and not being able to move towards it apparently (bonus when it’s a ball… yeah, I know, I’m cruel but watching him trying to chase it is funny!).

So, after month one, month two, month three, month four and month five, here is month six… in numbers!

Number of times we went out to the movies: Once, on my birthday! Yes, we took a baby to the movie theater. Relax—it was a “Stars and Strollers” early afternoon show, designed for new parents and their kids. It shows regular movies (we saw The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) but since the theater is full of babies, it’s okay to hear the little ones cry once in a while. Mark was well-behaved from beginning to end though, resting in the sling. The show was actually surprisingly quiet, quieter than watching Twilight with a bunch of teens, for sure!

Number of times we went out to eat: About four or five times, once a week or so. We no longer try to make Mark sleep through the meal, he is too curious for that and quite enjoy looking around him. We take turns holding him and yes, he gets to lick spoons and chopsticks. He seems to enjoy Asian food (we often go for sushi) and anything sweet (licking chocolate and cake out of my spoon usually brings out a smile).

Food introduced: Baby cereals and banana (plus the spoon/chopstick licking mentioned above). We bought a high chair and I am trying to get him to eat a few spoonful of solid food. He doesn’t seem to like baby cereals much but he didn’t mind the mashed banana. We will keep on trying!

Clothes that are too small: I now have a diaper box full of 0-3 month baby clothes that he really can’t fit anymore. It’s actually funny to see how small his first onesies were!

Number of haircuts: Three, by a great stylist from France… me. I had to cut his hair a bit because it was getting really long, especially in the front. Turned out better than expected!

Number of times at the park: Sadly, only once so far, because of the weather. It’s been a long endless winter and even though we have many playgrounds with amenities such as slides and swings in the neighborhood, it’s still too cold to play outside (and there was too much snow on the ground to get through with the stroller).

Number of new people he met: A few of my friends during a dinner party, and it went pretty well. He is slowly getting over the “I scream whenever someone else than mommy or daddy holds me” stage. Phew.

Number of animals he met: Two huge dogs, my friend’s lovely Tibetan Terriers when we went to eat at her place. He was really scared by the barking at first (and the dogs were scared of the baby, which was pretty funny!) but by the end of the night, he was used to them. And even though I am not a dog person, I must say these two are pretty cool dogs.

I am looking forward for the next few months!

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